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BMW, Mazda, Ford, Honda and Ferrari

Classic cars such as BMW, Honda and Ferrari are celebrating big “0” birthdays in 2020.

Mazda recently observed its 100-year-old anniversary, while other iconic cars from Ford and Land Rover turn 50.

It’s fair to say the world 100 years ago is different than the one we know today. Cars were just beginning to enter the mainstream. Many early vehicles were convertibles known as open-tourer models. Eventually cars were made enclosed and included features like heaters for comfort. Safety glass and mechanical brakes were also introduced for the first time. 

Since then, the auto industry has been booming with its fair share of electric-powered, hybrid and luxury options, plus the ushering in of futuristic commutes with the popularity of automated vehicles and self-driving cars.

Japanese car maker Mazda began in 1920 as Toyo Cork Kogo, a company that produced cork and machine tools. In 1927, Toyo Cork Kogo renamed itself Mazda and shifted toward the production of three-wheel pickup trucks and small vehicles.

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