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Bloomberg Campaign Reworks Trump's Acquittal Speech And It's Literally Full Of Lies

And it’s full of lies and the occasional “unfair.”

Trump appears to just repeat “lie” and “unfair” in the 2-and-a-half minute clip that was edited and released by former New York mayor Bloomberg’s team on Thursday.

Gingerbread men, with their pants on fire, also appear alongside the president.

Trump’s time in office had been marked by more than 16,000 lies, The Washington Post reported in January. During his acquittal speech, he called the impeachment proceedings over the Ukraine scandal a “witch hunt” and claimed former special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe was “all bullshit.”

Bloomberg’s ad is the latest released by his campaign, which has already outspent those of his rival Democratic candidates despite only entering the race in November.

Critics have accused Bloomberg of trying to buy the presidency.

Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci (who is now a fierce critic of Trump), however, is among those who believe the billionaire media mogul is the best Democratic bet to beat Trump in November.

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