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Big bug: the fight to contain coronavirus – inside the 14 February Guardian Weekly | News

In a matter of weeks, the coronavirus has spiralled from a handful of cases in China to what many experts fear will become the next global pandemic. Lily Kuo reports from China, which has widely been under lockdown, while Verna Yu argues that Beijing’s contempt for free speech has been a major factor in the virus’s spread. And science correspondent Hannah Devlin asks the question on everyone’s lips: can 2019-nCoV be contained?

From a deadly virus to an all-conquering Parasite. Last weekend’s Oscars left cinema fans delighted as Bong Joon-ho’s thrilling South Korean treatise on inequality took home best picture. In doing so, Parasite also became the first non-English language film to claim the accolade. Guardian film critic Peter Bradshaw considers how this could be a portent of change for a club that rarely looks to the outside world. Then, Justin McCurry and Nemo Kim look at the impact of Bong’s journey from a cultural blacklist to being Hollywood’s man of the hour.

Ireland held its general election last weekend – and the result was a blow to the established order of Dublin politics. Sinn Féin – once a revolutionary party associated with guns and balaclavas and the fight for a united Irish state – rode a wave of anger over homelessness, soaring rents, hospital waiting lists and fraying public services to win the most first-preference votes. It means that the party, led by Gerry Adams’s successor Mary Lou McDonald, will play a key role in the formation of Ireland’s next government – whether they are part of it or not. Ireland correspondent Rory Carroll looks at what Sinn Féin’s rise means.

We also feature a captivating study into the mind of Dominic Cummings, the closest adviser to Boris Johnson; Tim Adams looks at the multibillion-dollar race to create the perfect meat-free burger; and Elle Hunt meets Halima Aden, the boundary-breaking American model.

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