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Best songs for romance, according to Grammy nominees

Although you likely don’t have a personal relationship with the artists whose music you stream, you certainly have an intimate one. After all, it’s their instruments and voices that fill the sensitive spaces in your earholes, when you do everything from work out to get lulled to sleep.

Some musicians want to take that intimate relationship to the next level. They want to be part of the soundtrack on the evening of one of the most romantic of holidays.

“Happy to be a part of your Valentine’s Day,” rapper Rick Ross said smoothly on the Grammys red carpet. He and other Grammy nominees helped curate a playlist of tunes – some of their own included – for music lovers whose eyes turn into hearts on February 14.

Rick Ross says he'd be

Grammy nominees DJ your Valentine’s Day

What songs do they recommend? The list includes bedroom soul music, an I-love-you duet, catchy rap and R&B, sensitive alt-rock, flirty horns and aggressive bass lines.

Singer-songwriter Jessie Reyez’s pick? Her single “Love in the Dark.” 

“You should definitely put that song on there,” she says. “I feel like it’ll help soften the heartstrings a little bit, you know?”

Ross was eager to offer his own song, “Here I Am,” and also Stevie Wonder’s “Ribbon in the Sky.”

Married blues musicians Keb’ Mo’ and Robbie Brooks Moore suggested Anita Baker and Gregory Porter songs, along with their duet, “Beautiful Music.”

Said Mo’ to his listeners: “We’re here to help!”

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