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Apple TV+ series covers TV's LGBTQ history

Where there’s a “Will & Grace,” there’s a way.

The Apple TV+ five-part docuseries “Visible: Out on Television” (now streaming) depicts the evolution of how the LGBTQ community is portrayed on TV, from the McCarthyism-inspired homophobia to Ellen DeGeneres’ coming out, to current series like FX’s “Pose.” 

Comedian Wanda Sykes, an executive producer, also shares her experiences on camera.

She tells USA TODAY she hopes “Visible” will instill “a sense of pride” in the LGBTQ community “because you really do feel good about the strides that we’ve made and you’re aware of how important it is to be represented.”

Sykes recalls early portrayals of LGBTQ characters as “demented” people: 

“You were killers, just sinister. Pretty much like how African Americans have been portrayed,” she says. “It was always like deviant behavior, never the good guy.” 

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