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American Airlines won't resume China flights until April

American Airlines on Tuesday said it won’t resume flights to mainland China and Hong Kong until late April, a month or two longer than previous plans depending on the route.

The airline, which offers flights between its Dallas and Los Angeles hubs and Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, said flights are now scheduled to resume on April 23 and April 24. The date varies by route.

With the change, American is the first U.S. carrier to extend the suspension of Hong Kong flights into April as the coronavirus crisis continues.

United has currently suspended Hong Kong flights through Feb. 20 and flights to  Beijing, Chengdu, and Shanghai, China, until March 28

Delta Air Lines has suspended its China flights until April 30. The airline does not serve Hong Kong.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases and deaths has continued to skyrocket since the three airlines made their announcements on Feb. 4. As of noon on Tuesday, there are now 43,143 cases and 1,018 deaths worldwide, with all but 473 diagnoses and two deaths confined to mainland China. Hong Kong has had 49 cases and one death. 

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