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After Iowa, Buttigieg rises and Biden falls

The debacle in Iowa on Monday night may have taken down two American political institutions: the Iowa caucuses and Joe Biden. 

Both the caucuses and the former vice president came to national prominence in 1972. Biden, a mere one-term county council member, challenged and defeated a two-term U.S. senator that year. Iowa Democratic Party changes in the early 1970s instituted the confusing delegate-counting system still used today and moved the caucuses ahead of New Hampshire in 1972.

Monday’s reporting failures triggered widespread calls for the end of Iowa’s first-in-the nation tradition. By Friday, though there was still no official winner, Buttigieg had an aura of victory, and Biden was in fourth place.  

To end Biden’s five-decade political career, Buttigieg just has to seize his moment. 

Rising in New Hampshire polls

The 38-year-old former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, appears ready to push Biden out of the race. In two separate New Hampshire tracking polls, Buttigieg has risen to second place as Biden has slipped to fourth.   

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