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Adele weight loss: Singer lost impressive 7st & Pilates trainer reveals home exercise plan

Adele made headlines in recent months following her impressive weight loss transformation, after photos were published of the star looking in terrific shape and noticeably slimmer while on holiday in the Caribbean over the Christmas period.

“I was at Robbie William’s house and she had just had a kid so it was her first workout. I had to work a lot of the pelvic floor.”

Although Camila no longer works with Adele, the trainer explained how she thought the singer slimmed down.

“She looks amazing,” the celebrity trainer added. “She changed her lifestyle, she changed her diet.”

Adele is believed to have used the pilates exercises to initially help her get into shape.

What are some Pilate workouts?

According to Abbie Yates, a pilates instructor, there are several moves that could help strengthen a slimmers core, similarly used by Adele.

She said: “There are several key Pilates moves that you can do at home, and I have no doubt that Adele could have very well used some to get into shape.

“Whenever my clients don’t have time to come to the studio, I recommend doing a few key moves to strengthen their core at home.”

1. Ab Scoop

Target Area: Abdominals

“This is not a crunch,” Abbie Yates said. “The abdominals must be pulled way down into a deep scoop as you use them to control a slow, smooth curl up and roll down.

“Precision in this type of scoop is one of the secrets of Pilates,” she added.

2.The Hundred

Target Area: Abdominals, Breathing

“Your abdominals will be deeply pulled in, so you will have to use your full lung capacity by breathing into your back and lower ribs,” she explained.

She added: “Your abdominals will be deeply pulled in, so you will have to use your full lung capacity by breathing into your back and lower ribs.”

3. One Leg Circle

Target Area: Abdominals, Thighs, Hip Flexors

She said: “The abdominals keep the pelvis stable as the leg moves.

“No rocking and rolling! Be sure to use your full range of motion without losing control,” she said.

4. The Side Kick Series

Target Area: Abdominals, all thigh muscles—especially inner thigh

“Work the torso as well as the legs,” she said. “The ribs should stay supported throughout each repetition. Do not let them sink to the mat.”

5. Wall Roll Down

Target Area: Abdominals, Back and Hamstring stretch

“Use this exercise as a transition from doing your Pilates routine to carrying good posture into your daily life. Squeeze this move into your daily routine,” she said.

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