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5 router settings to stop hackers from accessing your devices, network

Most of us don’t give a second thought to the router that manages our home internet. We assume it’s working fine, just like the day we installed it – which is why hackers can break into your network and wreak havoc without you even realizing it.

It may have happened already. Tap or click here for a free test to see if your router has been hacked.

Remember, every device in your network as at stake.

The problem with the internet of things is that there is no security standard. So, we purchase cameras, speakers, thermostats, and more thinking these gadgets are locked down at the get-go. Tap or click here for a recent FBI warning and steps to protect your so-called smart devices.

Now that you know why you need to pay attention to your router, let’s get started.

1. Regular or automatic updates

When a router gets an update, you probably won’t know about it. Newer routers can download them automatically and nearly every router has options to update the firmware manually; so if it’s not an automatic process, you’ll need to check for them every three months.

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