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15 ways to get the most out of navigating the app

Google Maps turns 15 this week, and many of the 1 billion-plus people who turn to Google’s app globally each month do so for more than navigation guidance.

Chances are, you’re among them, even if most of your time in Maps is spent figuring out how to get from point A to point B.

Google changed the Google Maps icon in fact to emphasize the evolution of Maps. More than 220 countries have been mapped over the years, and Google says it has surfaced information about more than 200 million places and information.

As part of the birthday milestone, Google has refreshed the look of the iOS and Android versions of its Maps app, most notably through the five tabs that appear on the bottom of the screen; it used to have three. 

The refreshed Google Maps design features 5 tabs at the bottom of the screen.

You can tap the Explore tab for information and ratings and the Commute tab for traffic and travel times and such.

There’s now a Saved button where you can review all the places you’ve been at or may want to go in one place. According to Google, people ​have saved more than 6.5 billion places on Google Maps.

You can also tap a Contribute tab to share what you know with others: reviews of businesses, photos, details about roads and addresses. Google says hundreds of millions of people each year contribute information that helps keep Maps fresh. 

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