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Your eye the next small screen? Mojo shows off smart contact lens

The “eyes” have it – quite literally.

Someday when you walk down the street, an augmented user interface will appear like a floating screen above your real-life surroundings. You may discreetly see your heart rate, glucose reading, a weather forecast, real-time translation or map. Or maybe the name and title of the person you’re about to run into. 

You might think I’m describing Google Glass or some other kind of bionic spectacles visible to the outside world. What you’re wearing instead is something way more inconspicuous and straight out of “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” – a pair of smart corrective contact lenses that you can control with subtle eye movements and gestures.

In an off-site hotel room during last week’s CES trade show in Las Vegas, I was treated to an early demonstration of Mojo Lens, billed as the world’s first “true smart contact lens.”  (The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency or DARPA has reportedly shown interest in a smart contact lens developed by the IMT Atlantique engineering firm in France.)

A Mojo Lens

The patented lenses are still a prototype under development, from a venture-backed Silicon Valley startup called Mojo Vision. One of the lead investors is Google’s Gradient Ventures; Google parent Alphabet had worked on then halted a project involving a glucose-oriented smart contact lens.

Commercial availability for the Mojo Lens is likely about two years away, with the more immediate use cases in the enterprise space: areas such as retail, medicine, public safety and hospitality. 

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