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Will Smith, Martin Lawrence still delight

It’s been 25 years since Will Smith and Martin Lawrence first brandished quick-witted banter together and an excellent yin-yang dynamic in the original “Bad Boys.” Sure, there are more jokes about Viagra, glasses and knee injuries in the action-packed third installment, though the years have only improved their buddy-comedy mojo.

Smith hasn’t lost any of his macho cool as fast-driving, shoot-first-and-read-Miranda-rights-later lawman Mike Lowrey and Lawrence is still hilarious as his slightly more responsible partner Marcus Burnett in “Bad Boys for Life” (★★★ out of four; rated R; in theaters nationwide Friday), a retro affair tailor-made for those who adored the action movies of the 1990s. (Seriously, if you miss the days of slow-motion explosions and hero shots set to a bombastic score, grab your Oakleys and buckle up.)

The threequel not only makes up for 2003’s woeful “Bad Boys 2” but also interestingly showcases Smith and Lawrence’s longtime Miami cops as vulnerable heroes who haven’t lost their knack for wanton destruction or offing bad guys yet have to deal in a real way with the consequences of their careers.

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Mike (Will Smith, left) and Marcus (Martin Lawrence) are longtime Miami partners weighing their futures as cops in

After becoming a new grandpa, Marcus finally wants to give retirement a shot, though Mike remains enthusiastic about police work. A vicious new figure named Armando Armas (Jacob Scipio), under the influence of his ruthless mother Isabel (Kate del Castillo), is assassinating the people who took down his late drug lord father. Mike is on the kill list, and after surviving being gunned down by this criminal upstart, he wants to get his own revenge, though Marcus balks when Mike begs for his help.

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