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What to Know About Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Stepping Back

According to their statement, Harry and Meghan will split their time “between the United Kingdom and North America.”

Earlier this week, the couple visited an official Canadian residence in London “to thank the High Commissioner Janice Charette and staff for the warm hospitality” they enjoyed on a private vacation over Christmas, according to their Instagram page. The caption of the post included multiple neutral statements about Canada seemingly intended as compliments: “The Duke and Duchess have a strong connection to Canada. It’s a country The Duke of Sussex has visited many times over the years and it was also home to The Duchess for seven years before she became a member of The Royal Family.”

For those reasons, and because it’s part of the British Commonwealth, Canada seems like a safe bet for a North American base. There is also speculation that the family could spend more time in Meghan’s home state of California, where her mother resides.

They plan to earn an income!

Unclear, but an income is potentially a great source of money.

One possible clue about their intentions: In June, Harry and Meghan’s foundation submitted a trademark application for the name “Sussex Royal.” The application covers goods and services including (but not limited to) books, periodicals, stationary, charitable campaigns, charitable consultancy services, sports coaching services, counseling services, T-shirts, caps and pajamas, which British people spell “pyjamas.”

Harry’s inheritances from his mother and grandmother, coupled with Meghan’s acting earnings, mean that the couple are almost certainly millionaires several times over. While they don’t receive a “salary” as members of the royal family, they are granted allowances from various royal sources.

Harry and Meghan have publicly declared their intention to relinquish the funds from the Sovereign Grant, which they say covers five percent of the costs associated with running their official office. (The Sovereign Grant is money the British government pays the monarch to find monarchical duties.) The remaining 95 percent of their office expenses — equivalent to millions of pounds — are paid for by what is deemed Prince Charles’s “private income,” earned from his estate, the Duchy of Cornwall.

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