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Tucker Carlson Reportedly Challenged to Debate by Heritage

Tucker Carlson Bashes Heritage Foundation, Heritage Fights Back

Primetime Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson isn’t afraid to invite dissenting viewers and opinions on his show to engage with – except he reportedly wouldn’t debate someone from the conservative think tank, The Heritage Foundation.

The feud dates back to when Carlon went on the attack against The Heritage Foundation, which once awarded him their prestigious Salvatori Prize back in 2018, for working alongside “big tech” companies, while stating that “big tech hates conservatives and works assiduously to harm them.”

The attack from Carlson was unexpected among the two parties with similar ideologies, in many parts due to Carlson once working for the Washington, D.C. based nonprofit.

Heritage didnt take lightly to the criticism from Tucker Carlson and fired back that the attack was “false, outrageous, and unfounded.” 

CNN’s Oliver Darcy reported today that “members of Heritage have tried to privately reach out to Carlson,” Heritage’s VP of communications, Rob Bluey, stated to CNN.

“There doesn’t appear to be any interest in having a sit-down meeting for a call or having someone on the program,” Bluey continued to CNN on Tuesday.

Fox News and Tucker Carlson did not return CNN’s Darcy’s request for comment on the matter.

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