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PBS is now on YouTube TV, but not on Sling and Hulu with Live TV

PASADENA, Calif. — You wanted to watch Monday’s episode of Frontline via streaming and signed up for the $50 YouTube TV cable alternative app because you heard that PBS is now available on the cable TV alternative service.

Uh-oh. You could have been in for a rude surprise. 

Yes, PBS did finally enter the digital age and make its programming available to cutting-the-cord fans in December, with an app that offers the complete lineup of local PBS stations. But add a big qualifier because in the nation’s second-largest TV market, Los Angeles, many of the signature shows are either not available in first run (like “Masterpiece”), or are, like “Frontline, but several days later. 

And PBS still isn’t available on other streaming services like Sling, AT&T Now or Hulu with Live TV. 

The answer from PBS: There’s an app for that, and it’s called PBS. Arguably the best bargain in streaming.  

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