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Impeachment inquiry is a sham from start to finish: Tea Party Patriots

In October, before we saw how the House would treat the president, we suggested that if President Donald Trump were impeached, the Senate should simply vote to dismiss the articles of impeachment.

Now we’ve seen how “fairly” the House treated the president, and our feelings have only been strengthened. During the Intelligence Committee hearings that presented “evidence” against the president, he wasn’t allowed to have his counsel present, let alone cross-examine witnesses or object to the introduction of disputed testimony or evidence.

Instead, hearsay “witnesses” shared stories of what they had heard and what they had been told, but no one seemed to be able to offer direct “I heard it directly from the president himself” testimony — except, of course, for Ambassador Gordon Sondland, who testified that the president had told him directly that he wanted no quid pro quo.

Nevertheless, the House — on a purely partisan basis, for the first time in history — voted to impeach President Trump.

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