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HBO adapts Philip Roth's 'The Plot Against America'

'The Plot Against America' executive producer David Simon, left, joins actors Zoe Kazan, Morgan Spector, Winona Ryder, Anthony Boyle and John Turturro at a Television Critics Association panel for the HBO limited series Wednesday.

PASADENA, Calif. – David Simon has no interest in adapting Philip Roth’s “The Plot Against America” as simply a reimagined history in which Charles Lindbergh rises to the presidency amid rising anti-Semitism in 1940.

“If you’re taking it literally, there’s not too much point to (adapting) that book, although anti-Semitism is resurgent. But it’s resurgent in the context of fear of the other down the line, hostility against immigrants, against immigrants, Islamophobia,” said executive producer Simon, speaking about the HBO limited series adapted from the 2004 novel at the Television Critics Association Wednesday. “Plot” premieres March 16 (9 EST/PST).

“Defining people as less American because of their cohort is disastrous for what America (purports) to be,” said Simon, known for such hard-hitting dramas as “The Wire,” “The Corner” and “The Deuce.” 

The six-episode “Plot,” due March 16, imagines American history during World War II from from the perspective of a working-class Jewish family in New Jersey watching the political rise of Lindbergh, a heroic aviator and xenophobic populist. It stars Winona Ryder, John Turturro, Zoe Kazan, Morgan Spector and Anthony Boyle.

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