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Democrats need to put Trump at the center of their debates

Imagine being a Democratic primary voter watching Tuesday night’s debate. What we’ve learned in this marathon process is that primary voters care more about choosing a candidate who can beat Donald Trump than the specific policy nuances that differentiate the candidates from one another. Given that, you would think every candidate on stage would turn every single question into an indictment against the president. Seems obvious, but much different in application.

Let’s be very clear about what is in store for the future Democratic nominee. He or she will be up against a president who is willing to commit impeachable offenses in order to dig up dirt on his opponents. A Republican Party that is willing to use the levers of power to cover-up his treachery. Trump and the GOP will use every tool at their disposal to turn this election into a race to the bottom. They will lie. They will try to silence minority voters. They will do anything it takes to win.

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