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Carbon calculator: find out how much CO2 your flight will emit | Travel

The aviation sector is one of the fastest-growing polluters. It currently accounts for about 2% of global emissions but that figure could more than double by 2050 according to research by Manchester Metropolitan University – or triple if planes don’t become substantially more fuel efficient. New airports continue to open and new routes are being added to airline schedules. According to forecasts, 2019 will be another record-breaking year for air travel, with passengers expected to fly a total of 8.1tn km, up 5% from last year.

What can you do as an individual? Avoid flying and opt for alternative modes wherever possible. If you do fly, you can work out the CO2 emissions generated by your flight using this calculator.

Read this article by John Vidal to find out about the growing number of carbon-offsetting schemes and how they work. Make your flight count – travel with an ethical holiday company and look for holidays that make a positive difference to the destination you’re visiting.

This article was corrected on 22 November 2019 to clarify the inputs used for the calculator.

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