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10 best jobs in America in 2020, according to Glassdoor

If you can’t beat Big Tech, you might want to join it. 

Technology is already pervasive in our lives – from smartphones to social media to buying goods and services online — a reality that some embrace while others shun.

Now, technology jobs are increasingly being viewed as the best occupations in the country.

Tech positions make up the top seven of Glassdoor’s 50 best jobs for 2020, an annual ranking based on job satisfaction, median base salary and number of openings. Last year, tech jobs comprised three of the top seven and four of the top 10. The job satisfaction ratings are based on Glassdoor’s popular employee reviews.

While tech giants like Apple, Amazon and Facebook may be the most prominent providers of technology products and jobs, virtually every sector – from retail to financial to health care – depends heavily on software and computers.

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