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'Who Cares about Devin Nunes?'

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin urged his fellow panelists to focus on President Donald Trump’s conduct and not get distracted by ancillary details outlined in the House Intelligence Committee’s just-released impeachment report: “Who cares about Devin Nunes?! …This whole story was orchestrated by the president!”

During his appearance on AC360, Toobin broke into a conversation between host Anderson Cooper and fellow panelist Kirsten Powers, who were discussing the latest revelation—from the just-released House Intel Committee’s impeachment report—that Republican Congressman and House Intel Ranking Member Nunes had had numerous phone calls with Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, last year.

“Can I just say, who cares about Devin Nunes?! What I care about is Donald Trump,” Toobin proclaimed. I mean, this whole story was orchestrated by the president! And the remarkable thing about this document is that it doesn’t have the voices of some of the key players, John Bolton, [Mick] Mulvaney, the Chief of Staff. I mean, it would almost certainly be a worse story if they were involved, and the key focus it seems to me here is: Did the president misuse his power? And that’s what’s so important, and that’s what’s proved to my satisfaction in this document.”

When Cooper again circled back to the new call records unearthed in the Intel Committee’s impeachment report, which tie Giuliani to an unknown person in the White House Office of Management and Budget as well as Giuliani, Toobin likewise shifted the emphasis back on Trump.

“Yes, that’s important, but it’s not as a fraction as important as the president of the United States saying to the President of Ukraine saying, ‘Talk to Rudy Giuliani.’” Toobin pointed out. “I mean, Rudy Giuliani obviously was the key person here. I mean, the fact that Devin Nunes, who has been a total toady, and someone who has done nothing but carry the White House’s water since the president was elected, you know, that’s not a surprise, but what’s so important here is that the president outsourced this whole operation to Rudy Giuliani whose interests are not those of the American people. They’re only those of Donald Trump.”

Then it was Powers’ turn to push back on Toobin and make the case that it is noteworthy if a high-ranking Republican Congressman, tasked with helping oversee Trump’s possible misconduct over Ukraine, might have a had a hand in encourage it.

“I agree that the main story is what Donald Trump did, there’s no question,” Powers said. “But I think that we can also care about what Devin Nunes did, and I agree he’s been a stooge for Trump, and that’s not particularly surprising. But to sit there and to be leading the Republican side of this investigation basically of the hearings, and to not disclose this relationship to what he’s actually investigating, I still think that matters. It may not be as important as Trump, but it still matters.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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