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NCIS plot hole - When did Gibbs really join NCIS? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

NCIS’ main man Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) has led the way throughout the entirety of the CBS show’s 16-year history. However, there are some question marks over when the veteran agent started on the team thanks to an unearthed scene from JAG. So when did Gibbs actually join NCIS?

There have been a number of changing faces in the NCIS team over the years, from Caitlin Todd (Sasha Alexander) and Paula Cassidy (Jessica Steen) to Tony Dinozzo (Michael Weatherly) and Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham).

But one face has always remained the same, as Agent Gibbs has been the one constant throughout the show.

Yet there is a plot hole surrounding when he actually first started at NCIS.

Thanks to eagle-eyed JAG fans, Gibbs has caused confusion over his NCIS start date.

When did Agent Gibbs join NCIS?

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In the fourth episode of season three entitled Hiatus Part Two, Gibbs has woken up from a coma and has suffered temporary memory loss.

During the show, it is revealed he joined NIS – which later became NCIS – in 1992 after the death of his wife and daughter.

So since the early days of the crime drama, we assumed this was the case.

However, an episode of JAG from a few years earlier which confuses matters.

Away from the camera, there have been rumours circling about whether Harmon will be leaving the show anytime soon but it doesn’t look like Gibbs is going anywhere.

Speaking to People earlier this year, he said: “I’ve always thought if there’s ever a time where the writers are walking into the room and going ‘I don’t know what to do,’ then I think we all have to look at each other and call it a day. But we’re not there yet.

“I’ve been around long enough to know what this is.

“That commitment is part of what I signed up for; I know when this show ends, that’s it — there won’t be anything else like this for me.”

NCIS has not been on CBS recently due to the Thanksgiving holidays but will be returning in a couple of weeks time.

In The North Pole, we will see the return of fan-favourite Ziva David (Cote de Pablo).

She has already appeared in a couple of episodes and will feature in the next episode as well as another in the New Year.

Whether she will make a comeback as a permanent member of the NCIS team remains unclear at this stage.

NCIS season 17 will continue on Tuesday, December 17 on CBS. 

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