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Lane Kiffin needs to return to coaching in the SEC

With the focus of the coaching world largely on the three open jobs in the Southeastern Conference, a huge question looms over the next handful of days: Is one of these schools getting ready to jump on the Lane Train?

Once reviled by SEC fans, fired by Nick Saban and frequently admonished by the late SEC commissioner Mike Slive, it feels increasingly as if Florida Atlantic coach Lane Kiffin could be destined to make his triumphant return after the Owls play in Saturday’s Conference USA championship game. And for those of us who enjoy Kiffin’s willingness to shake up the staid status quo, it can’t happen a moment too soon.

After three years outside the spotlight, having to prove himself all over again, it’s time to bring Kiffin back to the big time. The only issue is whether any of these schools — Arkansas, most likely — will have the institutional fortitude to make a hire that is going to rock the boat in ways that are both thrilling and potentially embarrassing.

Lane Kiffin has a 25-13 record as head coach of Florida Atlantic.

Because that’s exactly what you’re going to get with Kiffin — everything from the kind of national attention your program couldn’t buy to the can’t-miss plays that will inspire him to raise his arms before the ball is even thrown to the tweets that will draw fines from the conference. You get all of it with Kiffin. And at some point this year, the question has gone from whether he’s worth the gamble to whether a school in as dire straits as Arkansas can afford to pass him by. 

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