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Iowa Democrats' changes protect the Iowa caucuses for the future

For decades, small-town Iowa fans and the national media were enthralled with Iowa 6-on-6 high school girls’ basketball, played mostly in towns with no stoplights. It was quaint. It was unique. It was entertaining to watch. I was a fan.

Even though the 6-on-6 game officially died in 1993, still around some small-town dinner tables you can spark a lively debate about the pros and cons of the game. Some believe it was time to bring Iowa into the next century, while others believe we lost a vital bit of Iowa culture.

Another part of Iowa’s unique culture will play out on February 3, 2020, when Iowans will be asked to begin the long selection process for a presidential nominee for both parties at precinct caucuses.

This first stage of the presidential nominating process is often judged to be quaint by the national media, so they scour rural Iowa for the most “homespun” caucus site they can find, and maybe even add a bale of hay to create the scene.

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