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Father of missing NJ woman Stephanie Parze shares emotional Facebook message

The father of missing New Jersey woman Stephanie Parze — who vanished more than a month ago — shared a heart-wrenching post to Facebook this week as authorities and volunteers continued their desperate search.

Edward Parze posted the message after his family appeared on a Monday “Good Day Philadelphia” segment about Stephanie.

“Sitting on the set, watching the teleprompter beginning the story was painful,” wrote distraught dad Edward Parze. “All of us fought to hold it together before going live. Then the interview. It lasted only 6 minutes but it felt like an hour. You notice that even the hosts are tearing up just feeling our pain unable to do anything to comfort us.”

The drive home, he wrote, was particularly painful.

“As I drive, all I can do is look into the what seems like endless wooded areas along the highways,” he shared. “All of the bodies of water, abandoned structures you never noticed before, now call out to you. She could be anywhere! As the rain and snow fall harder and harder, covering up any clues, any trace as to where she might be out there. You wonder to yourself, is she up in heaven with God and all of [the] people who love her so. Happy and no longer afraid, or is she here, living in HELL ON EARTH, praying to be found, fighting to stay alive.”

He said the family is trying its best to stay hopeful.

“Stephanie, we love you and we will never stop doing all that we can to find you,” he wrote. “Don’t be afraid, stay strong, hold on to what ever HOPE you can. PLEASE …DON’T GIVE UP!”

Stephanie Parze, a nanny and beautician, vanished after going to see psychic medium Cindy Kaza’s show at the Stress Factory Comedy Club in New Brunswick with her mother, three sisters and other female relatives on Oct. 30, her parents previously told The Post.

She kissed her mom good night and then drove the seven miles back to her house around 10:30 p.m., sending a Snapchat photo of herself on the way home.

Stephanie Parze
Stephanie ParzeGregory P. Mango

Her parents, Edward and Sharlene Parze, said they found Stephanie’s car in her driveway and her phone in her couch — but haven’t heard from her since the Snapchat photo.

Then on Nov. 22, John Ozbilgen, 29, Stephanie’s on-again, off-again boyfriend who had been eyed in her disappearance, hanged himself in his parents’ garage.

The Parzes told “Good Morning Philadelphia” that the 25-year-old had only recently started seeing Ozbilgen and that he had a history of abusing her so badly that her father had to come help.

“I had to pick her up, she was running down the street,” Edward Parze said.

“We’re just trying to keep her picture out there and let people obviously know we’re obviously looking for her,” he added. “It’s a big area, she could be anywhere.”

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