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Will Trump sign Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act against China

Even after being coerced into providing a "betrayal to the motherland" confession, Hong Kong dissident Simon Cheng was told by Chinese authorities he needed to get his mind straight about the evils of liberal democracy. He was handcuffed and shackled to an "X-Cross," forced into a painful squatting position or beaten if he didn't comply — all for hours at a time during a two-week dentention in August.

The former British consulate worker published his account Wednesday on Facebook, a fitting coda to the U.S. Senate's unanimous approval a day earlier of a human rights bill aimed at pressuring China into keeping Hong Kong free.

The city has endured five months of pro-democracy protests that first flooded the streets with millions of people in June and later shut down the airport and subway system. Most recently, violent clashes pitting police with tear gas and live ammunition against demonstrators with petrol bombs and bows and arrows transformed Hong Kong Polytechnic University into a battleground. More than 1,000 protesters were arrested in one day and hospitals filled with hundreds of casualties.

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