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'Wheel of Fortune' contestant loses crossword round after technicality

One "Wheel of Fortune" contestant lost out on some major prize money due to a strict technicality in the rules.

The mistake happened on the game show Thursday night during a crossword puzzle game, which requires contestants to list each word that appears in the puzzle. Kristen Shaw faced off against contestants Bryan Idler and Jessie Pankow in the crossword game, and the words became obvious when it came around to Shaw's turn: "right," "left" "Sally" and "football."

"Say everything, don't add anything, go ahead," host Pat Sajak said before Shaw said her answer. 

“Right, football, left, and Sally," Shaw said.

But because she added the conjunction "and" to her answer, Shaw's answer ended with "and" instead of "Sally," according to the rules. That mistake cost her $1,950 and a trip to Nashville worth more than $8,000. 

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