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Turkey Vows to Send ISIS Militants Home

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey emphasized the importance of dealing with Islamic State prisoners on his return from a visit to Hungary on Friday.

“We are taking back Turkish citizens, their wives and children, who are identified as joining Daesh in Syria,” he told reporters, using the Arabic term for the Islamic State. “We impose a legal process against those with evidence of terror links. We prosecute them. As for the children, we involve all our relevant authorities to rehabilitate them to overcome the trauma they have been through.”

Turkey was also holding 1,201 Islamic States militants in jails and detention facilities, he said. They include several hundred Europeans, according to officials.

Among them are two Dutch-Moroccan women, who escaped from Al Hol camp in Syria, smuggled themselves with three small children into Turkey and turned up at the Dutch Embassy in Ankara. Dutch officials notified Turkish officials who detained them, according to BBC Turkish, quoting a statement by the Dutch foreign minister, Stefan Blok.

Turkey has complained that the Dutch revoked the citizenship of one woman on the day that she was detained. Mr. Soylu said Britain has also revoked the citizenship of Islamic State members held by Turkey.

“Saying: ‘I will revoke their citizenship and you handle the rest,’ this is unacceptable for us,” he said. “This is irresponsibility. What shall I do with your terrorist?”

Turkish media have listed more than 1,000 Islamic State detainees in Syria, many of them women and children, as coming from France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Britain, Italy and Austria.

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