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Lin-Manuel Miranda talks 'His Dark Materials,' 'In the Heights'

Lin-Manuel Miranda is stepping away from his typical role as a song and dance man. Well, almost.  

The multi-hyphenate entertainer (who won a spot in Washington's National Portrait Gallery) is best known for writing and starring in "Hamilton," then bringing his writing talents to animated musical "Moana." He swerved just a smidge in 2018's "Mary Poppins Returns," singing and dancing but not writing any of the music. This year, he ventures into a fantasy genre series, HBO's "His Dark Materials."

"It wasn’t a calculated 'now is a chance to stretch my range,' " Miranda told USA TODAY in an interview in July. "It was 'I am also a fan of this.' ”

Even though "Materials" is a drama, it seems the writers couldn't help but give Miranda a little ditty to sing as his character, Lee Scoresby, flies into the series  Monday (9 EST/PST). It helps to ease Miranda into the part of Scoresby, a swashbuckling, hot-air-balloon-flying cowboy of sorts, who was portrayed by the deep-voiced Sam Elliott in the 2007 film version of the Phillip Pullman books.

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