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Boeing 777 lands safely at LAX after spouting flames during takeoff

Adam Taylor was filming his 2½-year-old daughter, Maui, as they took off on a flight from Los Angeles International Airport to Manila Thursday. It wasn't her first flight, but it would probably be the first she would remember, he recalled in an interview with USA TODAY.

As he was making comments to Maui, "look we're going to take off, we're going into the sky" and "whoa, look how high we're going," he started to hear loud banging noises.

That's when he saw flames spouting in bursts from the engine.

"I was filming and I started hearing bangs, misfires and backfires. The plane shook and there was a big flash of light," he said. "It kept happening enough that I looked out the window and turned the camera around."

In the moment, Taylor had been too focused on his daughter to pick up on the nervousness around him. Once a flight attendant started to panic though, tension began to rise. One woman, he said, passed out towards the back of the plane.

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