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What to Wear to a World-Class Horse Jumping Show

Fun fact about show jumping: While the sport may never shake its elitist reputation, it’s the rare Olympic event where men and women compete against one another. Also true: Admission to last weekend’s Longines Global Champions Tour, which was on Governors Island in New York City and showcased some of the world’s top-ranked jumpers, was free.

Still, it’s fair to say the crowd skewed fancy (the previous stop on the tour was St.-Tropez). Here is how eight horse lovers dressed for the outing on the unseasonably warm Saturday.

Age: 45

Occupation: professional horse rider

Your horse is dressed up. What’s he wearing?

A saddle pad from Loro Piana, and also a bonnet on his head.

Why does he get to wear a bonnet?

They get a lot of flies, and if the flies get in their ears they shake their head during competitions. It keeps him relaxed and focused.

Does he like to dress up?

I think he feels like he’s going somewhere.

What’s the key to a good pair of jodhpurs?

Good question. They have to fit snug, but you have to be careful because some of them are see-through.

Age: 27

Occupation: equestrian show jumper

Tell me about your outfit.

We have an equestrian uniform. My shirt and pants are from Cavalleria Toscana. It’s all very technical fabric, so it’s easy to compete and move in.

Is it moisture wicking?

Yeah, a little bit. In this weather it’s nice to have something light and breathable.

Tell me about the riding pants.

We have to wear white breeches. As you can see here on the knee, there’s a bit of grippy fabric that helps keep our legs in place.

The boots?

These are custom Parlanti. I actually have magnets on the bottom of my boots and they stick to my stirrups so I don’t lose a stirrup when I’m riding around the ring.

And then a Longines watch, of course.

This is actually not Longines. It’s Rolex.

Age: 45

Occupation: professional horse rider and trainer

All of your buttons are done up on your blazer.

You want to keep your clothes as streamlined as possible. We are going fast, but also you wouldn’t want to startle your own horse with fabric flying around.

Is there any difference between men’s jodhpurs and women’s?

Yes, they usually do the zipper for women on the side.

Do you check your Apple watch when you’re on the horse?


Tell me about your boots.

They’re made by Fabbri. They’re custom made. I spend a lot of hours in them.

Are those spurs?

Yes. Those are there to encourage the horse to go sometimes. They’re not sharp, they’re rounded stainless steel.

Age: 36

Occupation: professional horse rider

Are you coming from the Upper East Side or, like, St.-Tropez?

Neither. I’m coming from the Wagner hotel, but I live uptown.

You’re wearing a blazer.

We always wear blazers This is our team jacket, made by the tour, specially for riders. But usually I ride in Alessandro Albanese.

Where do you get your boots made?

Der Dau. He’s based in Brooklyn.

There are so many brands on your shirt — you look like a racecar.

Good! That’s the point. These are our team sponsors. When I’m competing as an individual, I’ll wear a completely different outfit.

You ride with a crop. Is that part of the uniform or to beat the horse?

Neither. A lot of horses know that you have a stick in your hand, and they behave better and listen to you. Hopefully you never have to go to the stick. It’s an insurance policy.

Age: 50

Occupation: model; founder of Every Mother Counts

What brings you here?

My daughter is an equestrian, and I grew up riding. I’m a horse lover and a patron of the sport.

What’s it like to raise a horse girl?

It’s great. Horses are amazing for people. She also does a lot of work with an equine therapy nonprofit at our barn. To see how healing horses can be, how good they are for human beings, to teach them to be sensitive and empathetic — all of those things.

How did you choose your outfit today?

It was very hot today. I can’t say a lot of thought went into it. I’m wearing an old Céline shirt, and I don’t even know what jeans I have on.

It makes me happy to know that Christy Turlington also just throws on a pair of jeans.


Age: 70

Occupation: fashion designer; philanthropist

It looks like you’re wearing the ocean floor around your neck.

This is Urban Zen, made from spoons and leather. So it’s recycling.

Your blouse is Urban Zen, too?

All of this is Urban Zen.

What was your thinking getting dressed to go to a sporting event?

Well, here I am in jodhpurs.

Those are sizable bracelets.

They weigh nothing. They’re made from beach wood and recycled leather. Handmade by artisans I work with in Haiti. I’ve worked in Haiti since the earthquake.

Recently, I saw a great photo of you from the 1980s, with racks of clothes behind you, phone in one hand and your newborn baby in the other.

I was designing during contractions. We had a collection the next day.

Age: 33

Occupation: board member, Captain Planet Foundation

You’re a non-profiteer.

Our organization is named after the cartoon “Captain Planet,” which Ted Turner was inspired to create from his environmental work.

What brings you here?

I’m here to support my girlfriend Georgina Bloomberg.

How do you dress for something like this?

I’m wearing Ulla Johnson, and some low heels, just to be casual and easy. Usually these things are on grass and outside.

What’s around your neck?

This is from the new Tiffany T collection. I don’t think it’s in stores yet.

How did you get it?

Net-a-Porter hosted an event with Tiffany, and it was a gift for everyone. Later when I went to Tiffany to buy this ring and bracelet, the woman there noticed it and said it wasn’t for sale yet.

Age: “I don’t think you really ever ask a lady her age.”

Occupation: actor and socialite

What are you doing here?

I rode all my life, and one of my dearest friends, Kent Farrington, one of the best riders in the world, is competing.

Tell me about this lovely tweedy jacket.

Thank you very much. It’s vintage Michael Kors. And it’s fall, even if it is 85 degrees out. I like to wear a little tweed. I have on Barneys loafers, J. Brand jeans and a Rag & Bone T-shirt.

Loafers from Barneys. Nice of you to help them out.

They make the best loafers.

Why do you like the Ray-Bans?

They fit well, they do the job, and I never lose them. And they’re sporty.

You might be one of the only people here in jeans.

Well, we’re at a sporting event. My mother always used to tell me: “Dress appropriately.”

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