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Tarzan movie star Ron Ely's wife stabbed to death, his son shot by the police

Tarzon actor Ron Ely wife stabbed to death and son shot by police
Actor Ron Ely in the popular movie Tarzan

The wife of Ron Ely, the actor of the famous film 'Tarzan', was stabbed to death. In this case, police say, the wife of actor Ron Ely was murdered by her own son. Police also shot the son of 'Tarzan' actor Ron Ely near the crime scene. Daily Mail quoted sources as saying that 62-year-old Miss Florida, Valerie Lundeen was found dead in her home in Santa Barbara at around 8 pm on Tuesday. The next day, Wednesday evening, Sheriff’s Department reported that Ron and Valerie’s 30-year-old son Cameron Ely was the main suspect in the case. The team that arrived at the actor’s house shot Cameron Ely at the same time.

According to a report by TMZ, the actor's son Cameron Ely was seen in the house and then threatened the officers after which investigating officers fired at him. According to the report, Cameron Ely called the police after killing his mother and then accused his 81-year-old disabled father Ron Ely of murder.

“The Blast” reported that the man calling the police was a young boy and said that his father was trying to murder his mother. Operators said that when the investigating officers called back at that number, the caller was screaming. Police say a woman's body was lying when it arrived at the actor's home in Santa Barbara to investigate domestic violence. Actor Ron was present in the house and he was safe.

When the officers searched the house, their son Cameron Ely was hiding in one part of the house. He had a weapon in his hand and also threatened the police officers. Cameron was shot dead at around 9.40 minutes. Investigating officers then searched the entire house. However, let us tell you that actors Ron Elys and Valerie Lundeen got married 35 years ago. These two have three children Kirsten, Kaitland and Cameron.

Author: Newsrust.com Editorial Team

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