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Stranger Things season 4: Showrunners took Eleven’s powers to add to Hopper's death plot? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Stranger Things writers’ room recently tweeted a video confirming season four. The short video featured the new logo along with eerie scenes from the Upside Down. Now, a new theory has come to light speculating that Eleven (played by Millie Bobby Brown) lost her powers because Hopper (David Harbour) had to die.

Stranger Things season 3 came to a dramatic conclusion that saw Hopper shut into the Upside Down.

The Hawkins Chief of Police sacrificed himself to the alternate universe as Joyce (Winona Ryder) was shutting the gate.

While his fate remains unknown, for now it’s assumed he would have died in the Upside Down, despite many theorists speculating he will return for the fourth outing.

Moreover, the series ended with the revelation that Eleven had lost her powers for reasons that are yet to be confirmed.

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One theory suggests Eleven’s lost powers is linked to Hopper’s presumed death.

With both storylines left open, fans may see Hopper return in the next outing and Eleven regain her powers.

And now, one fan has connected the two, revealing that Eleven losing her powers was all part of Hopper’s death storyline.

Noting that Hopper’s body was never found, the user speculates that Eleven still having her powers would make Hopper too easy to find should the storyline be picked up in the next outing.

“My point is, the show runners could have easily restored Eleven’s powers if they wanted to, but they are holding out because Eleven would have looked for Hopper if she could, spoiling the ‘mystery’.

Despite saying the fan-favourite is still alive, the user goes on to speculate that Hopper isn’t ‘The American’ referred to in the post-credit scene after the season 3 finale.

The user went on: “But here’s where things get interesting... Despite all the clues, despite all the glimmers of hope, the person in the Russian cell is not Jim Hopper. It is Dr. Brenner.

“By revealing Dr Brenner is alive and in Russia, they kill two birds with one stone.

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