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Readers Respond to the Pete Wells Review of Peter Luger: ‘Finally’

Imagine my surprise when my father-in-law came to the kitchen for a drink of water, looked at me wordlessly and headed back to bed, no doubt wondering what his wacky son had gotten himself into.

— Faye Richardson, Phoenix

When I was in my “eat your way through New York City” phase in the 1980s, we went to Peter Luger for the experience and with the caveat that we’d only order the porterhouse and the creamed spinach. We did, and it was excellent and a tic on the bucket list was made. A great memory.

— Al Galanty, Shelton, Conn.

Sorry, but I too have been going to Peter Luger’s regularly for more than 20 years, and the food quality has not changed one bit.

If anything, things have gotten infinitely better since they started taking online reservations. Sure, there are misses here and there, and they are soul-crushingly disappointing because you always want that perfect Peter Luger’s experience.

— Josh Kleiman, Brooklyn

I lived in New York City for 10 years but never had the expense account to go to Luger’s. Last summer, during a trip back, we finally went and loved it.

The service was very professional and curmudgeony-warm. Our server was smiling and joking throughout. The bacon was wonderful. The steak was pretty amazing and cooked perfectly medium-rare. The wedge salad was really good. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Are there “better steakhouses?” Sure. But Luger’s history combined with a more-than-competent meal means we will go back.

— LeeAundra Keany, Marina del Rey, Calif.

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