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Piers Morgan asks Rory Stewart about his bid for London Mayor  | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Good Morning Britain presenters Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid were joined by politician Rory Stewart live in the studio earlier today to discuss his bid for Mayor of London and it wasn’t long before he was grilled about his ability to do the job. 

Former Conservative leadershicontender Stewart caused a huge stir over the weekend after he quit the party and declared his intention to run for London Mayor next year. 

During his appearance on the ITV show earlier today, Morgan got straight to the point and asked how the public could trust him following the sudden changes he recently experienced with his political role. 

“Let me ask you quickly about being London Mayor,” Morgan began. 

“There is quite a scathing piece in The Telegraph today suggesting ‘why should we trust this guy, he just bailed on his constituents and disappeared when the going got rough, why should we trust him now to be London Mayor?’” 

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piers morgan rory stewart itv gmb

Piers Morgan confronts Rory Steward over London Mayo ambitions ‘Why should we trust you?’ (Image: ITV)

“I haven’t seen The Telegraph piece,” Stewart replied honestly. “I guess I love running things. 

“I love operational work as a politician. I really realise the most satisfying thing in politics is doing this locally and in many ways I thought the kind of being in Parliament, being a minister was too detached…” 

He was cut off as Morgan wanted to know the main areas he would look into should he get the role next May. 

“What are the three things you would prioritise as London Mayor?” Morgan asked. 

ITV Rory stewart gmb piers morgan susanna reid

GMB: Morgan wanted to find out what Stewart would do if he were Mayor (Image: ITV)

“Number one, safety. I think it’s disgraceful how bad crime is getting and I’ve seen it directly,” Stewart explained. 

“Poplar I turned up and saw somebody quite literally who had been stabbed and bled to death in the streets. 

“Air pollution, my two kids, I’ve got two kids under five who were born in London, have grown up in London. There is now research suggesting their lungs could be underdeveloped. 

“And I guess the third thing obviously which has been true for 30, 40 years is housing,” he concluded.

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“I used to joke about it when you’re on here, but the stick they used to beat is that you’re a middle aged white guy who had a good education,” Morgan said. 

“You went to Eton, how dare you,” Reid interjected in jest. 

“It seems to me this is a very strange attack weapon against you, it’s not your fault you’re a middle aged white guy and you shouldn’t be punished in my view for being well-education. That doesn’t seem to me to be a barrier to be London Mayor,” Morgan continued. 

“Do you think there is a reverse stereotypical load of nonsense going on about you as a candidate, we’re now supposedly so into diversity that someone like you can’t even be allowed to run!” 

ITV Rory stewart gmb

GMB: Stewart is set to run for Mayor next summer (Image: ITV)

“I thought that was a strange line of questioning,” Stewart responded. 

“I think we should be very proud that we had the first Muslim Mayor [Sadiq Khan], I think it’s great that there’s such a diverse group of candidates. 

“But I also think those candidates wouldn’t want to be devalued simply on their ethnicity, we want to be judge by a performance. And I’m standing because I really want to get things done, I don’t think people have made the most of being Mayor,” he added. 

It comes after Stewart announced he would be standing down as MP for Penrith and the Border at the next election. 

The former International Development minister, backed Remain in the 2016 referendum, but is opposed to leaving the European Union without a withdrawal agreement. 

After he backed cross-party legislation aimed at blocking a no deal Brexit last month, he was one of the 21 Conservative MPs to have the whip removed, since then he has sat as an independent. 

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme last week: “I think mayoral roles can be done very well by independents.

"And I think the danger of mayors being part of political parties is they carry the whole damage and the baggage of those manifestos with them.

“I would like to be a mayor of London that can really focus on London's interests rather than being tied to Jeremy Corbyn or Boris Johnson.”

He added: "I can make the role of mayor something bigger than it's been in the past - I think there's huge potential in the role of mayor of London.”

The London Mayor election will take place on May 7, 2020. 

Good Morning Britain airs weekday mornings at 6am on ITV. 

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