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Liberal incumbent Sean Fraser defeats Conservative country star George Canyon - Halifax

Central Nova’s Liberal incumbent Sean Fraser earned a decisive victory in his riding Monday night over country music star and Conservative candidate George Canyon.

Fraser was elected MP of the riding in 2015 following Conservative Peter MacKay’s decision not to run again.

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As of 12 a.m., Fraser had 46.4 per cent of the votes with 226 of 230 polls reporting. Canyon only garnered 29.6 per cent of the vote, while NDP Betsy MacDonald earned 13.4 per cent.

“We tried to drive home the message that in this election in Central Nova, if you are a progressive voter, you have the opportunity to make a point or make a difference — my god did you make a difference,” Fraser said shortly after his victory.

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“You guys have proven the haters wrong and I am so proud of the work that you have done. It does not happen without the work.”

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In his concession speech, Canyon called Fraser a “good young man” and congratulated him for being given the opportunity to represent Central Nova for the next four years.

“To have the opportunity to be the voice of the constituents of Central Nova is absolutely the greatest honour ever bestowed upon me,” Canyon said. “For hundreds of years our families have worked together in harmony in Central Nova, and we need to continue to do so no matter our political affiliation.

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“Overcoming obstacles together, and as a community creating a brighter, stronger future for our children’s children to come.”

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Canyon’s mother was also at the event, where she expressed her appreciation of her son running for public office.

“To be truthful, I don’t think it mattered in the end,” Cheryl Lays said speaking of her son’s defeat. “My son is, as I said, and I will reiterate: an honest, humble, truthful man, and always wanted to look after everything else and everybody else.

“I think the fact that he was parachuted — as you use — in, is not really important.”

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Halifax riding up for grabs between Liberals, NDP
Halifax riding up for grabs between Liberals, NDP

As of 12 a.m., the Liberals have been declared elected in eight of the 11 available seats in Nova Scotia.

“These are the things that I’ve been hearing on the doorsteps for four straight years. These are the things you’ve been calling about for the past four months and that is the reason we were able to win for a second time here in Central Nova. You all deserve a round of applause,” Fraser concluded.

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