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Katya Jones: Neil Jones denies mocking Strictly Come Dancing 2019 pro after fall | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Katya Jones, 30, suffered a major blunder when she slipped on some confetti in the middle of her performance with Mike Bushell, 53, at the weekend.

The Strictly Come Dancing 2019 star was the epitome of professionalism as she styled out the tumble, pulling a pose on the floor and urging her celebrity partner to continue with the routine.

She then picked herself up and rejoined him in order to finish the dance perfectly.

However, some Strictly viewers noticed her estranged husband Neil Jones, 37, and some of their fellow stars were laughing and smirking up in the gallery as they applauded the pair at the end.

Responding to questions about whether he had been laughing at Katya, Neil took to Twitter to explain himself this morning.

“So everyone is clear no one was [laughing] at @Mrs_katjones fall on Saturday,” he told his 65,000 followers.

“We were [laughing] at the fact she styled it out and still made @mikebreakfast finished the routine,” he insisted. “And then we all said fall when she got into Claudia’s area so she did as a joke and that’s why were were [laughing] again.”

Neil and some other Strictly stars were caught on camera laughing in seeming disbelief as Katya and Mike wrapped up their performance.

Then, as he clarified in his tweet, they all called to the dancer to fall again when the couple made their way up to be interviewed by Claudia Winkleman, 47.

Katya obliged, doing a staged comedy stumble as she arrived in the Clauditorium, prompting more laughter.

Neil’s fans voiced their support for his tweet, with one saying: “You get them told Neil. Love how supportive you and Katya still are of each other in any situation.”

“Exactly. Katya and Mike were great on Saturday,” another chimed in. “Some people can’t take a joke. That’s sweet of you sticking up for Katya.”

“Only Katya could style out a fall like that,” a third tweeted.

Upon finishing their performance on Saturday night, Katya brushed off concerns about her after host Tess Daly, 50, explained confetti on the dance floor had been the catalyst for her fall.

“I’m fine. He swept me off my feet!” the dancer quipped.

When Bruno Tonioli, 63, accused Mike of “dropping” his partner, she also hit back, insisting: “It wasn’t his fault. I was so impressed.”

Later, she reassured Claudia she was fine following the incident.

“I’m great. Never been better,” she laughed.

Strictly Come Dancing 2019 continues Saturday at 6.40pm on BBC One.

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