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Home Equity Winners - The New York Times

What kind of appreciation in home equity can you expect when you buy a property? It’s rarely easy to predict — although if you’re fortunate or clever enough to buy at a historic low point in the market, hindsight can be very agreeable when calculating how much your investment has increased in value.

A new study by Redfin took a look at home equity appreciation since 2012, the year home prices hit their post-Great Recession nadir. Buyers who picked up homes in the U.S. at bargain prices have seen huge increases in home equity, the study found — a total of $203 billion, or an average of 261 percent.

When the gains were measured in dollar amounts, owners in more expensive markets generally saw larger increases (particularly in California). The largest was in San Francisco, where a median-priced home has gained $741,000 in equity since 2012, a 329 percent spike.

While dollar increases were smaller in more modest markets, percentage increases were often far greater. Tacoma, Wash., saw the largest when measured this way, with equity on the median home rising 1,453 percent, or $218,000.

Below, the top 10 markets for home equity gains since 2012 when measured both ways.

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