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Filming the Show: Pardon the Intrusion? Or Punish It?

“I feel violated in my rights, of my artistic property,” she said, noting that unauthorized filming is illegal. “As an artist you take such care when doing a recording — that you have your own sound engineer, that the mics are hung in the right spots. The sound is a part of you, you want your voice replicated in a way that really represents what you have worked on for an entire life.”

The audience expressed its approval of her stance, she said, and “erupted in long, powerful applause.”

As to complaints that such rules of etiquette could keep young people from embracing classical concerts, she noted that some pop musicians were also growing concerned by audiences who seem more interested in filming concerts than in experiencing them.

The beauty of such an event, a pop concert as well as a classical concert,” she said, “is really being there, taking it in, having your own personal, really private memory of it.”

Mr. Henry, who sings virtually nonstop in “The Wrong Man,” which is now in previews at New York’s MCC Theater, said he had mixed feelings about the episode in which he seized a patron’s phone.

“I wasn’t happy about it, and I wasn’t proud — it was just a reflex,” he said.

But his experience has a happy ending. Mr. Henry emerged from the theater to find the offending attendee waiting to apologize to him. The two had a friendly conversation and continue to communicate.

“For him to apologize was so disarming,” Mr. Henry said. “We have talked about connection and empathy and forgiveness, and that is the big take away — yes, we don’t want phones in the theater, but I never want to come across as ‘Not in this space,’ because theater is a space where everyone, even people who don’t know all the rules, can come and share an experience.”

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