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Chris Evans: Virgin Radio host reveals shocking discovery while riding motorbike | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

The breakfast host who rides a motorbike told listeners of his experiences during heavy jams. He also claimed he drove ahead of other people while sitting in traffic. Chris said: “When people are nice to each other in traffic jams, I go anyway.”

He went on to describe how he witnessed many different things while driving a motorbike, that you might not in a car.

The host said: “On a motorbike you see more, you feel more, you witness more.”

He also revealed how he catches many drivers smoking marijuana during their journey.

Chris said: “You also smell a lot more ganja, to be honest.

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“Every fifteen cars in some jams, depending on where you are in London.”

The father of five claimed he was surprised at people smoking it in their cars.

He added he was even more surprised at the times of day he caught people smoking.

Chris said: “Honestly, in the morning it’s like what are you lot doing!”

“What kind of way is this to start your day.”

He added: “It’s true, it’s really true.”

The breakfast host then went on to tell listeners what he did enjoy about traffic jams.

Chris said: “What really gets me, and I will shed a tear, is when an ambulance comes through or a fire engine or police car and everyone moves to one side.”

He went on to joke he was welling up talking about the situation.

The host said: “That makes me go, I’m gong now just thinking about it.”

Chris is an avid driver, he used to present BBC’s Top Gear.

The Chris Evans Virgin Radio Breakfast Show airs weekdays at 6.30am.

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