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This Morning: Dr Hilary Jones speaks out on retirement after talk of becoming host | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

This Morning’s Dr Hilary Jones, 66, said he was in no way tempted to retire from TV anytime soon. the ITV stalwart, when asked if he ever thought about packing it in, replied: “Oh god, no. It’s still fun. And, of course, it keeps me up to date with the latest breaking medical news, which is great. I’ve always got little projects going on,” he added.

Dr Hilary, who also appears on Lorraine and Good Morning Britain, revealed his passion and aim to “raise awareness generally about important issues and put medical stories in a perspective that’s easy for people to understand”.

“Thats the kind of stuff that I enjoy doing because it can reassure people,” he added.

“If anything, I think I’m probably better at it than I was 30 years ago because I’ve got 30 years’ experience.

“Experience is so important in medicine because you can take a story at face value, say, ‘Oh yes, that’s alarming,’ but actually, based on your clinical practices 30 years ago, you think, I’ve heard all this before,” the This Morning medical expert continued.

“There’s a perspective there which people need to understand.

Meanwhile, This Morning’s Dr Hilary Jones also addressed joining the presenting line-up, revealing he wouldn’t want to encroach on the current hosts’ “territory”.

“On the whole I think, whilst I can present, my value for breakfast television is more as a medical editor,” he said.

“I can come in and I’ve perspective on a medical story rather than being a general presenter.

“There are loads of general presenters, so why would I encroach on their territory?” he added.

However, Dr Hilary said he would be keen to take the helm on a different kind of show.

“If there was a medical show, it would be different,” he said.

“There hasn’t been a dedicated medical show for ages but, when there is, I want to be the guy.”

Elsewhere, Dr Hilary recently reamed up with beach holiday experts On the Beach to launch The Man Bod campaign, aiming to promote male body positivity and to discourage harmful labels such as ‘Dad Bod’.

“I think men and their self-esteem, their confidence issues, tend to be a neglected subject,” he said.

“We hear lots about women’s self-esteem, confidence issues, body awareness, but we don’t hear a great deal from men.”

This Morning airs weekdays at 10.30am on ITV.

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