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Game of Thrones alternate ending: Jon Snow bound to follow Daenerys by Night’s Watch promi | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

The season eight finale of Game of Thrones saw arguably one of the most shocking deaths of the series as Jon Snow (played by Kit Harrington) came to his senses and realised what his lover Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) had become.

However, some fans were surprised at Jon’s actions despite his noble intentions behind the shock murder.

As someone who server under the Night’s Watch, many fans found it hard to believe Jon would become a Kinslayer.

And one fan has theorised how the series would have ended had Jon stayed true to his vows.

Reddit user elltovver began: “Jon is horrified by the war. After the siege he turns even more numb.

“Seeing that Grey Worm is executing PoW he tries to interfere but backs off when Grey Worm informs him of the queens orders.

“He is above all loyal to his superiors and holding up his vows, promises personal honor, remember he needed to die to be able to leave the Night’s Watch.

“Just like the great Ned Stark raised him to be. He loves Dany, but is scared of her. For the sake of his ‘brother and sisters’ he marries her and it turns in a very abusive relationship."

Moreover, the fictional plot saw that house Targaryen would be revived as Jon and Daenerys start a family.

They added: “Nevertheless he fathers a lot of whiteblonde haired, purple eyed children, which revives house Targaryen.

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“As queen-consort he is not often allowed to leave Kings Landing, he doesn’t like the south, but he grew so numb and emotionless that he didn’t even care anymore.”

Could Jon face life without returning to the North?

It seems he won’t be able to in the show’s real ending where he is exiled to the Night’s Watch.

However, not all fans are convinced his willingness to serve Daenerys would take him this far.

The Reddit user is not the only one to draft their own ending that sees Daenerys survive and marry Jon.

Reddit user Dionne94 recently crafted a theory surrounding a happier ending for the show,

The user began: “Dany and Jon get married and sit on new thrones with wooden carvings, dragons for Dany and wolves for Jon. Ghost sits beside Jon and Drogon flies above the throne room.”

In the alternative plot Missandei (Nathalie Emmanual) was never killed, and therefore she is now the new Hand of the Queen, the user claims.

The user added: “Tormund [Kristofer Hivju] goes north with the free folk as the new king beyond the wall. Arya [Maisie Williams] is the first female Lord Commander of the Kings Guard.

“Sansa [Sophie Turner] is queen in the north, before she leaves she makes sure Tyrion [Peter Dinklage] is remembered as a war hero.”

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