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Emmerdale spoilers: Vanessa and Tracy to cut ties after shock revelation? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Emmerdale viewers saw the village rocked by the shocking death of Frank Clayton (played by Michael Praed) a few months ago when he became caught up in the fire in the sweet factory.

To make matters worse, the deceased father was blamed for the fire, with his would-be finance Megan Macey (Gaynor Faye) faced with the dilemma of what to believe.

The conflict of their father’s memory wages on for the sisters as Tracey Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) and Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) open up about their conflicted feelings for Frank.

Upcoming episodes will see emotions run high for the sisters as Tracy takes drastic action to prove her father’s innocence.

As the day of Tracy’s birthday arrives, she is adamant not to celebrate the big day and instead focuses on proving Frank’s innocence.

While embarking on her mission of justice, she overhears a conversation between Dawn Woods (Olivia Bromley) and her dad Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) and is left furious after getting the wrong end of the stick.

Tracy immediately takes action and locks Dawn in the church, making all sorts of accusations in a confused act of revenge.

With emotions running high, will Tracy live to regret her actions?

Lucky for Dawn, Vanessa comes to the rescue and brings Tracy back home before any more damage is done.

The sisters finally open up about how they really feel about Frank and it seems Tracy could be burning bridges with her own sister as well as the villagers.

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In upcoming episodes Tracy will break down in her sisters arms, telling all about her feelings towards her father’s death.

When Vanessa arrives home with Frank’s ashes Tracey reveals she wants nothing to do with them after working so hard to prove his innocence.

Frank has been the prime suspect of the police investigation and it seems the evidence stacked against him has finally cracked her.

Emotional scenes will see Tracy reveal she feels betrayed by her dad after everything that has happened.

Has Tracey finally started to believe Frank is guilty after all?

Moreover, soap fans will be wondering if Vanessa will follow suit, or if the sisters will come to blows as she attempts to change her mind.

New episodes could see the siblings go their separate ways as Vanessa is faced with the decision of proving Frank’s innocence or sticking by her sister’s side.

Could Tracy’s revelation be the final blow for the sisters?

Viewers can only hope the real criminals will be revealed before all ties are cut.

Emmerdale airs weekday evenings at 7pm on ITV.

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