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What We Learned From the Iowa State Fair

Lisa: Is this the weirdest place you’ve ever selfied?

Booker: This is unbelievable, that we literally have a team of photographers behind us on a Ferris wheel in Iowa. This is really one of the more surreal moments of my life and — I’m glad we’re sharing, you as a reporter, me as a candidate, the surrealness of this moment.

Lisa: O.K., so did you change your message in the second debate?

Booker: No, no, no. Well, if you know me, first of all, we didn’t, like, sucker-punch. We didn’t, like, suddenly spring and attack. Criminal justice reform is an issue so personal to my journey. I’ve been talking about it since I was a law student and been working to overcome those crime bills from the ’80s and ’90s. And I was disappointed that he [Joe Biden] didn’t come out with a true speaking toward Three Strikes You’re Out, money to build prisons, change laws, didn’t talk to that, didn’t own the mistakes, and then didn’t put out a vision out for rolling back those things.

Lisa: Do you think you got a boost from that second debate?

Booker: I don’t really think about it in that terms. I think the second debate, generally, we definitely got a boost. But look, the way I did it, I think Vice President Biden and I were smiling. We were laughing. We were cordial — not even cordial. We were warm. He’s a person I respect and love, and I showed that.

Can we rock this? Do you think we can rock it? Can we do the roller coaster?

Lisa: All right. All right. Thank you for indulging us, Senator.


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