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Weight loss diet: Low-carb keto plan can help burn fat fast - avoid making this mistake

Whatever the reason for wanting to slim down, weight loss is on the minds of many Britons. A quick search online will bring up lots of different diet plans which can be used to achieve weight loss goals. The keto diet is a low-carb and high-fat diet plan which promises to help slimmers burn fat fast. However, there is one common mistake people make which could stop them losing weight, Harry Aitken, sports scientist and master trainer for Auster Fitness, told Express.co.uk.

The keto diet requires slimmers to cut back on carbs to help the body enter into a fat-burning state called ketosis, Harry explained.

He told Express.co.uk: “When you are on a low carbohydrate, high protein and fat diet the body utilises fat as its primary energy source; this process is called ketosis.

“Fat is a potent energy source and typically provides the body around 9.5 calories of energy per gram which is double that of carbohydrate.

“When carbs are cut to extremely low levels and fats ramped up, over time the body’s metabolism shifts and speeds up to burn fat as its energy source.

“This means that fat sources all over the body are directly being used up and burned for energy.”

What can you eat on the plan?

Those following the diet can choose from a number of low-carb food and high-fat foods

These include meats, seafood, oils, nuts, high-fat dairy, non-starchy vegetables and low-sugar fruits.

However, there is one important thing dieters must avoid doing if they want to see results, Harry explained.

He told Express.co.uk: “A classic mistake is people use ‘high fat’ as an excuse to eat unhealthily.

“Eating bacon with every meal, chugging whole milk and covering everything with oil or butter just because ‘you can’ or just because ‘it’s high fat’ is not good diet practice to get into.”

Harry explained some people may be quick to choose unhealthy foods high in fat and cut out healthy carbs such as vegetables, which could actually stump their progress.

“Another mistake is cutting out all veg – there are low carb veggies that are packed full of essential nutrients that you need to be eating. The keto diet isn’t an excuse to cut out all vegetables,” he added.

“Finally, you don’t need to cut out all carbs, it’s different for everyone, but the odd slice of bread, cracker or something carby won’t hinder all your progress.”

After losing weight, some dieters will take use social media to share their transformation.

One woman recently lost 4st 4lb by combining the keto diet with a cardio exercise plan

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