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Trying to predict the outcome of Manitoba’s vote? Ask a psychic - Winnipeg

While many Manitobans are spending the election campaign watching the polls to see which party looks poised to make up the next provincial government, some people are taking a little more of a cosmic approach to election predictions.

Professional astrologer, medium and psychic Bernice Bisson told 680 CJOB on Wednesday that picking the winners and losers of the race can be worked out by consulting the stars.

Bisson, a 30-year veteran of the business, typically works with methods like tarot cards, palm reading, and numerology, but her picks for Manitoba’s election are based mainly on the candidates’ astrological signs.

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“When I look at people’s birthdays, I usually make predictions from there. I look at where they’re sort of standing with their astrology,” said Bisson, who’s calling for a second term as premier for Brian Pallister.

“People in Manitoba are kinda tired of chaos and they’re wanting to keep things kind of the same and they’re wanting to keep things from exploding too big.

“Part of Pallister’s charm as a Cancerian is that he likes to keep things the same. Whereas you have Wab Kinew, who is a Capricorn  — very much like Justin Trudeau, their birthdays are literally 10 years and a few days apart. Canada is a Cancerian country and we’re in the Tropic of Cancer.

“Wab Kinew, although he’s coming with wanting to flip the tables up and make the change, I don’t know that people have that appetite right in the moment… Some do in Winnipeg, very much, because Winnipeg is a Scorpio city.”

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Psychic Bernice Bisson is predicting one election win for James Beddome’s Manitoba Green Party in the upcoming election.

Steve Lambert/The Canadian Press

Bisson said she predicts modest gains for Dougald Lamont and his Liberal party — potentially increasing their share of the legislature by up to seven seats — and a single seat in Winnipeg for the Green Party.

“You’re going to see a lot of people who actually like Lamont, because he’s going to come in with financial plans and policies. He’s a Taurus — he’s in charge of monetary systems, he’s in charge of financial systems.

“The Green party, over the next seven years, are going to do better than they’ve done in a while. I don’t see them winning at this moment, but I do see them gaining traction, and ironically it’ll be at the expense of the NDP.”

Bisson said ridings in The Pas and the Interlake region may prove to be the most contentious during the election.

Of course, if you don’t believe any of this stuff, you can always try to prognosticate using more… conventional methods.

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