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The Terror Infamy location: Where is it filmed? Where’s it set? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

The Terror returns for a second season entitled Infamy and will be premiering tonight (Monday, August 12) on US network AMC in America. Infamy tells a fresh new tale of horror that will chill viewers to the bone. Season two of The Terror will introduce viewers to new characters and another supernatural entity to contend with.

Where is The Terror Infamy set?

The Terror: Infamy is set in 1941 California, specifically the artificially created Terminal Island in Los Angeles County.

The AMC drama take place against the backdrop of the Second World War with American Japanese citizens forced into internment camps following the Pearl Harbor attack.

Pearl Harbor, which saw Japanese Navy launch a surprise attack on the US base in Honolulu, led to America formally entering a conflict which they had largely remained outside of until then.

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Before World War Two, first and second-generation Japanese Americans called Terminal Island their home.

However, with the attack on Pearl Harbor, the whole community of Terminal Island was evacuated from their homes and into internment camps while their neighbourhood was razed to the ground.

Due to the geographical location of Terminal Island, the community was close-knit and quite insular with their own traditions and even dialect.

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Sadly, the mass internment brought this vibrant community and its culture to an end.

The action is set on Terminal Island and the internment camp that the Nakayama family (who take centre-stage) are forced to move to.

Once at the camp, the family face horrors - not only those brought on by incarceration but also a paranormal force that stalks those inside the camp.

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Where is The Terror Infamy filmed?

The Terror season two began production in Vancouver, Canada in January 2019 with filming taking place in the area this year.

Star Trek actor George Takei stars in The Terror: Infamy as Yamato-san, a former fishing captain and a respected elder member of the Terminal Island community.

Takei, who along with his family were imprisoned in two internment camps during World War Two, also served as a consultant to ensure historical accuracy and authenticity.

Speaking to the LA Times, star Takei explained: “We were a threat to national security because of the way we looked.”

He continued: “We were potential spies, saboteurs, fifth columnists. That sweeping statement, again, I heard as a senior citizen on Broadway — being mouthed by Donald Trump.”

Takei went on to say: “It’s an American story that all Americans should know about, just like slavery, or what happened to the Native Americans.

“And yet our history books have been very mute on the subject.”

Japanese Americans were forced into internment camps after President Roosevelt gave Executive Order 9066 leading to the imprisonment of thousands.

The Terror: Infamy co-showrunner Alex Woo explained: “It’s sad and unfortunate, but also not surprising, that this country’s not very proud of [internment].

“In both [seasons], we’re using a horror vocabulary to put you in the skin of the people who experienced this historical event.”

Season two of The Terror has 10 episodes to terrify audiences as the new story moves away from the debut season’s ill-fated voyage in which Sir John Franklin tried and failed to cross the Northwest Passage of 1845.

The Terror Infamy airs on AMC on Mondays in America

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