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Strictly Come Dancing 2019: Dianne Buswell opens up on ‘special’ moment with partner | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

This year’s 15 Strictly Come Dancing stars will shortly be finding out which professional dancer they’ll be paired up with for the new series.

The pairings are kept tightly under wraps until the show’s launch but each year, the celebrities and professionals make no secret about who they’d like to be coupled up with.

Now, professional Dianne Buswell has opened up about what she looks forward to most when learning who she’ll be dancing with.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, the Australian dancer explained: “I think best part is teaching these people our art form we have worked on our whole life.

“Seeing them absolutely love it, because it, most of the celebrities, once they start they are so invested and they love it so so much, and that’s really special to see.”

Dianne, who made the Strictly Come Dancing final with Joe Sugg last year, added she never worries about who she’ll be partnered with when the line-up is announced.

“I think whoever does sign up to Strictly, I feel like it’s such an amazing show because they want to be there,” she remarked.

“I think the celebrities that sign up are so genuinely happy to be there, I don’t really have any worry.”

The star continued, noting that it’s often the celebrity most expect to fail who surprises both the professionals and viewers.

“I think sometimes you can have a perfect person in your head and sometimes it’s the ones you don’t even think about that end up being these incredible dancers,” Dianne commented.

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“Whoever you’re given that’s the exciting part, not knowing, not having any pre conceptions in your head.”

Ahead of the new series, Dianne has been sharing secrets of the show and revealed what judges are really like behind-the-scenes once the cameras stop rolling.

“We’re usually kept pretty separate, the judges to the competitors,” she revealed.

“But if we see them in the corridor, they’re so lovely, they will give us a chat, say hello, we’re usually kept pretty separate especially on the day.”

And, the judges rarely watched the celebrities when they prepare their routines each week instead choosing to wait until Saturday night.

“They don’t ever come to the training room,” Dianne dished.

“We do film one section before the final, the judges will be there and they choose the dance you are going to do in the final.

“And that point they give you advice for what they want to see improved on that dance.

“But other than that, no they don’t come into the training room.”

Strictly Come Dancing returns to BBC One later this year.

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