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Russian Plane Crash-Lands in Corn Field, and Reports Say All Survived

A Russian passenger jet crash-landed into a corn field shortly after takeoff from Moscow on Thursday, injuring 23 people, but remarkably, no one was killed, according to Russian media reports and the national aviation regulator Rosaviatsia.

Ural Airlines Flight 178 collided with a flock of gulls just after leaving Zhukovsky International Airport near Moscow, severely damaging the aircraft’s engines and forcing it to make the emergency landing less than a mile from the airport.

The airliner, an Airbus A321, had 226 passengers and seven crew members onboard and was bound for Simferopol in Crimea, Rosaviatsia said in a statement. An investigation into the incident has begun.

Photos and videos shared online by passengers shortly after the crash-landing show the jet, its slides deployed, nestled between tall cornstalks as stunned passengers look back at the downed plane.

One of the passengers shared a photo of the plane in the field after being evacuated with a short message: “My plane crashed.”

Another video taken from above shows the plane with a trail behind it, showing where it had skidded to a halt through the field.

Russian news outlets called the pilot a hero for his skillful landing of the plane.

The episode was reminiscent of the 2009 crash landing on the Hudson River near Manhattan — which soon became known as “the miracle on the Hudson” — of a US Airways flight with 155 passengers onboard. It, too, was an Airbus plane that struck a flock of birds shortly after takeoff, causing it to lose power in both engines.

In each case, the pilot was able to carry out an emergency landing away from the airport without any loss of life.

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