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North Korea Launches 2 Projectiles, Snubbing South’s Call to Stop Weapons Tests

SEOUL< South Korea — North Korea launched two projectiles yet again off its east coast on Friday, a day after President Moon Jae-in of South Korea urged it to stop weapons tests and return to the negotiating table.

The two projectiles were launched from Tongchon in the southeast of North Korea, the South Korean military said in a statement.

South Korean defense officials said they were analyzing data they acquired through radar and other intelligence-gathering equipment to determine what type of projectiles were launched.

The launching on Friday was the sixth time North Korea has tested short-range ballistic missiles or other projectiles since late last month.

It also came a day after Mr. Moon urged North Korea and the United States to resume dialogue to try to narrow their differences on how to denuclearize the North so that he could push his ambitious plan to integrate the economies of the two Koreas.

“Even if there is a cause for dissatisfaction, making dialogue difficult by spoiling the mood or erecting barriers is by no means a desirable course of action,” Mr. Moon said on Thursday during a nationally televised speech. “If there is dissatisfaction, it too should be raised and discussed at the negotiating table.”

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